Head Gardeners


The four stages of the course are designed to be progressive, recognising that everyone

begins their career from different starting points or previous experience. The circumstances

of each individual will therefore vary, as the position of Head Gardener is perhaps the most

diverse of any in the horticultural industry.

Head gardeners/gardeners in charge/lead gardeners/sole gardeners/gardens managers –

these are all titles by which we are known.

What is a ‘Garden’? Estates, National Trust/English Heritage properties, Clubs, Hotels,

Castles and private gardens with a wide variety of others in between are all known as

‘Gardens’, yet may vary from a small plot to many acres; a sole staff member to dozens of

workers with a wide range of skills and talent.

However, Head gardeners – those in charge of the garden is perhaps the easiest title to


Many Head gardeners will have risen through the ranks – from under gardener to lead

gardener and a few other posts on the way up. Others will have come from backgrounds

such as Landscaping or General horticultural contracting. It is important to remember this

fact, hence the requirement of this course to cover as full and comprehensive a range of

topics as possible, and we respectfully request that you bear with us, even if you are well

advanced on your career path.


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Also – identifying new opportunities for the well – being of the garden or potential to

increase visitor numbers and income if applicable. This aspect is usually dealt with via

private email if required, and is included in the course fee. Site visits may be made by

arrangement, separate from this course, and fees agreed at the time, according to

distance and complexity, but at 75% of published rates (see Senior Garden Adviser tariffs)

for subscribers.

For details of enrolment and fees, please see www.alansargent.co.uk (PayPal). Invoices

will be sent to a nominated person or Company on request. Payment may be made by

cheque and Pro Forma invoice if required. Please advise sargent396@btinternet.com .