The School of Garden Management (previously Alan Sargent Seminars) is a unique service for individuals who earn their living – or wish to enter the world of professional gardening as a designer, landscaper or gardener – providing inspirational guidance and advice in all matters of management.


It is NOT a school of gardening or design. There are already several excellent opportunities to develop your practical skills with some very talented teachers available in the UK and we do not attempt to replicate their work.


The School of Garden Management was founded to teach those personal skills essential for the wellbeing and future of your career. There are three basic courses, all structured and tailored to suit the subscribers and delegates.


For more than twenty years, we have held ad hoc seminars and workshops, as the result of requests made by landscapers, designers and gardeners. These have been held in a variety of locations, with numbers attending ranging from ten to thirty, according to the subject and site. These have attracted self employed and employed delegates, with many employers sending their staff for additional training (All fees are allowable against tax)


There has always been a constant issue with location, with many people unable to attend through distance or time during working hours, and so the decision was made to offer Distance Learning, or Learning via Virtual Seminars.


Those of you who attended previous seminars will know that we are somewhat unorthodox, imparting many years experience in a style that includes a fair amount of psychology and personal development, learning to deal with a wide range of relevant topics, including working efficiently and effectively, handling difficult situations – employers, customers and staff – as well as practical matters such as getting paid, USP’s, marketing, site etiquette, surveys, method statements and working with other trades. Everything in fact, you need to know about Managing as a Professional.


Each course comprises six progressive lessons, all building into a comprehensive tool kit for use both during the establishment of your business, but in the years to come. Each lesson package is released at six weekly intervals, but as each subscriber joins the School, as part of the programme offer, and to render the course bespoke and unique to the individual, for the first twelve months from joining, you are able to have direct access via email to Alan Sargent, who will deal with any queries (NOT LEGAL matters – we are not solicitors) that may arise from the essays.


There are no forms to complete – no examinations, it is not a course designed by rote. Commencing with Day One of your career, and always working to your strengths, you will be guided from novice to becoming a professional gardener or designer. For more details, see the separate sections for Gardeners, Designers and Landscapers, or email sargent396@btinternet.com for a complete itinery.

Alan Sargent FCI Hort